Zodiac VX and Evolux series Motor Tune-Up Kit - R0746700


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Vortex Motor Tune-Up Kit. Part No R0746700.

Suits all Zodiac Vortex 2WD & 4WD robotic pool cleaners.


2 x 27th Teeth Gear (Drive Gear Set Of 2). Part No R018800.

4 x Wheel Bearing (Wheel Bushing). Part No R0636700.

4 x Transmission kit. Part No R0517200.

2 x Outer Bearing (Set Of 2). Part No R0639100.

1 x 17th Gear (Set of 2). Part No R0639000.

1 x Roller Support. Part No R0518700.

Genuine Zodiac robotic pool cleaner spare part.

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