We have new Paramount Liner Pools for sale and all Pool parts for your old Para or Paramount pool are available.

These pools are DIY and most trades people can install. We have an installation service available in the Auckland area.

We provide a renovation service for Cascade inground vinyl pools.

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New Liner Pools

Liner pools are available as Round or Rectangle pools; they can be installed in-ground or above ground. The top coping can be smooth edge (Lido model) or seated edge (Big Six model). With a decking surround, the pools can be finished to match the decking with a wooden fascia.

Liner pool with tiled edge

Pool Sizes

Oval Pools
Size Length Width Volume
1612 4.8m 3.7m 16200L
2012 6.1m 3.7m 22050L
2412 7.3m 3.7m 27000L
2315 7.0 4.5m 33150L
2715 8.2 4.5m 36500L
2812 8.5 3.7m 32,000L
3015 9.1m 4.5m 42750L
3815 11.5m 4.5m 54000L
Round Pools
Shape Diameter Volume Volume
1548 Round 4.5m 18000L
1748 Round 5.4m 24300L
2048 Round 6.1m 28800L
Big six 01

Pool Liner and Wall Replacements

Bluewater Pool Builders have a full refurbishment facility to replace liners, metal walls, sand floors and filtration equipment. We supply Pool covers and Heating as well as pool accessories.

DIY - For clients who want to fit their own liners and walls we can supply these and give help with instructions.

We renovate Paramount, Pleasure and Cascade vinyl pools.

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You can view our full range of Liner Pools and replacement parts in our online store.

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