Thermal Pool Cover


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Series 2001 Thermal Pool Cover 

  • Stops overnight heat loss by 3 to 4 degrees, substantially extending your swimming seasons
  • If your pool is heated at 30 degrees overnight with cover the loss should only be 3 degrees during 12 hours
  • Without a cover, the loss can be 13 degrees during 12 hours

Recommended Application:

  • Heated pools, domestic and commercial
  • Heat retention - excellent saving on energy costs
  • Reduces heat loss, costs and evaporation
  • Indoor pools - stop condensation
  • Pricing = $79 / Sq.M


  • Centre core of closed cell foam sandwich between 2 layers of Polyethylene woven fabric
  • Edge bound with U.V. resistant sail cloth

Series 2001 thermal pool cover is comprised of a top layer made from three scientifically designed materials, a 1mu wipe clean glossy blue or green polyethylene, then industrial strength woven black polyethylene, followed by a 1mu black polyethylene film. The centre layer is constructed of Volara® foam. The final bottom layer is 6mu solid industrial polyethylene to protect cover from the pool chemical. Material is available in 2.7m and 1.6m widths. All edges are bound with high quality UV sail cloth binding. 

This product is sold and priced by the square metre (m2).

Choose the pool type and size closest to your own.

Prices do not include installation or delivery. Installation in Auckland can be quoted separately.

Size: Rectangular - 4m x 2m equivalent to 8.0 m2
Rectangular - 4m x 2m equivalent to 8.0 m2
Rectangular - 5m x 2.5m equivalent to 12.5 m2
Rectangular - 6m x 3m equivalent to 18.0 m2
Rectangular - 6m x 4m equivalent to 24.0 m2
Rectangular - 7m x 3.5m equivalent to 24.5 m2
Rectangular - 8m x 4m equivalent to 32.0 m2
Rectangular - 9m x 4.5m equivalent to 40.5 m2
Rectangular - 10m x 5m equivalent to 50.0 m2
Rectangular - 12m x 2.5m equivalent to 30.0 m2
Rectangular - 12m x 3m equivalent to 36.0 m2
Rectangular - 12m x 4m equivalent to 48.0 m2
Rectangular - 12m x 6m equivalent to 72.0 m2
Oval - 16' x 12' (4.8m x 3.7m) equivalent to 17.8 m2
Oval - 20' x 12' (6.1m x 3.7m) equivalent to 22.6
Oval - 23' x 15' (7.0m x 4.5m) equivalent to 31.5 m2
Oval - 24' x 12' (7.3m x 3.7m) equivalent to 27.0 m2
Oval - 27' x 15' (8.2m x 4.5m) equivalent to 36.9 m2
Oval - 30' x 15' (9.1m x 4.5m) equivalent to 41.0 m2
Oval - 38' x 15' (11.5m x 4.5m) equivalent to 51.8 m2
Round - 15 feet (4.5m) equivalent to 20.2 m2
Round - 17 feet (5.4m) equivalent to 29.2 m2
Round - 20 feet (6.1m) equivalent to 37.2 m2

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