Raypak Spa Gas Heater


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Raypak Spartan Spa Gas Heater

The Spartan 131 spa heater is Australia’s only purpose built spa heater constructed from an all aluminium outer for maximum corrosion protection.

The Spartan provides an extensive list of standard features including:

  • Digital heater controller
  • Easy connection to the Raypak EIB for control of landscaping features such as garden lights, pool lights and water features
  • Energy saving “hot surface ignition”
  • Polymer headers for longer life
  • Suitable for outdoor installations only
  • Remote control available as an option

Flow Switch Kits - A Raypak flow switch is required when the location of the heater is either 1.0-meter higher or lower than the pool water surface. The pressure switch supplied with the pool heater may not operate correctly under these conditions. The flow switch is also an ideal secondary safety system that can be installed to protect your pool heater

Remote Controller - The Raypak pool and spa heater remote controller can be either surface or flush mounted, indoor or outdoors. By installing the remote control inside your house you do not have to go outside to operate your heater or check the water temperature. Easy to use push button controls make adjustment of temperature simple and allows for separate temperature settings for your pool and spa. In addition, the remote is capable of communication with the Raypak Equipment Interface Box for control of other pool, spa, or landscaping equipment, such as pool or garden lights and water features.

For more information visit http://www.rheempoolheating.com.au/page/residential_spartan_131.html

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