Ozone Water Treatment - Max OZ50


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Ozone water treatment - Clearwater Ozone Max OZ50

For Pools Up to 150,000 litres

The OzoneMAX unit includes a side stream venturi manifold that injects the ozone into the water. As ambient air enters the ozone generator, the venturi creates a suction-effect to pull air past the UV bulb, creating O3 – ozone. The ozone is then safely injected into the water flow and the “instant purification” takes place at that time. Within seconds, the ozone is dissipated by the time it returns to the pool.

 Ozone Max – UV Ozone Generator

 Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizers on Earth. It is 55 times more powerful than chlorine and reacts 3,000 times faster. It greatly improves water clarity and is effective in controlling cryptosporidium and E. coli while eliminating harmful chloramines. It will not irritate eyes or dry out your skin.

When combining this with mineral ionization, you have the most effective system at reducing chlorine use while helping kill harmful microorganisms.


Ozone Max - UV Ozone Generator

A Natural Occurrence


Ozone is formed naturally throughout the Earth’s atmosphere when sunlight reacts with oxygen molecules and is also produced during lightning storms.

The OzoneMAX unit employs a light source that generates a narrow-band ultraviolet light. Our sun sustains the ozone layer in the stratosphere of Earth, and a similar occurrence takes place in our weather-proof aluminum enclosure.


VUV Ozone

How Ozone is Made

 Ozone is produced by splitting oxygen molecules with an ultraviolet lamp. This produces a pair of unstable atoms (O1) that will 1 combine with normal oxygen molecules (O2) and forms ozone 2 (O3), which is injected into the water by a venturi manifold which is included with the system.


Venturi Manifold

How Ozone Performs

An oxidation reaction occurs upon any collision between an ozone molecule and a molecule of an oxidizable substance(s) (i.e. algae, bacteria, viruses, fungi [mold & yeast], suntan oils, body oils, mildew, cysts, chloramines, forms of iron, sweat and urine).

These oxidized compounds then “clump” together thus greatly enhancing your filter’s ability to capture these organisms from your water. Once the ozone loses the third unstable oxygen molecule, it simply reverts back to life breathing oxygen.


OxygenThe weak bond splits off leaving oxygen as a by-product.



How Ozone Performs

Ozone Benefits


Ozone Benefits

Ozone Benefits


  • Excellent Oxidizer

  • Improves water clarity greatly


  • Helps kill bacteria & viruses

  • Minimal maintenance required


    Performance Comparison

 The Clearwater Pool System is the best chlorine alternative swimming pool option possible.  The combination swimming pool ionization and ozone pool unit will virtually eliminate the need for swimming pool shock.  Here is performance chart comparing our swimming pool water treatment system vs. a pool salt chlorinator and chlorine.  As you can see, it is a salt free pool system and the closest thing to a no chlorine pool as you can get.


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