Oasis Heat pumps


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OASIS Heat pumps                                                                         

The Oasis C Series units (Fixed Speed) have an automatic reverse cycle defrost system which allows them to operate in temperatures below 0°C.

At approximately 10°C, all heat pumps will start to ice up.

At low ambient air temperatures the Oasis C Series will inject hot refrigerant through the coils allowing the ice to melt and the unit will keep operating. We use ozone friendly and highly efficient R410A/R407 refrigerant to ensure optimum performance.

Oasis units are also fitted with the highest quality, world class digital controller to drive the entire system. At the touch of a button you can adjust the temperature to what you desire.

Inverter Heat Pump series

Oasis have introduced the new Inverter variable speed Heat Pump withoptional WiFi

How does it work? 

An Oasis Inverter Heat Pump can dial its energy consumption up or down depending on the heat demand requirements of your pool. As your pool approaches the desired temperature, your Oasis Inverter Heat Pump begins to decrease its power consumption, resulting in lower running costs.

If your heat pump isn’t reducing its load when maintaining pool temperatures either, it could be wasting energy. The inverter technology allows the swimming pool heat pump to reach an extremely high COP when compared with conventional heat pumps available on the market.


Heat Pumps: Oasis Heat pump 8kw
Oasis Heat pump 8kw
Oasis Inverter heat pump iX13 (11.5kw)
Oasis Heat pump 17kw (iX19)
Oasis Heat pump 22kw (iX24)
Oasis WiFi module

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