Lo Chlor Stain and Scale Defence 5 litre


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A calcium scale inhibitor for the prevention of scale build up on pool surfaces

An anionic, non-phosphate dispersant and scale inhibitor used to reduce scale formation, iron staining, corrosion of pool heating equipment, scum deposits and plugging of filters.

Features & Benefits

  • Employing Lo-Chlor Scale Defence as part of a swimming pool maintenance

program will reduce scale formation as well as remove existing scale.

  • Scale Defence will also will help prevent rust discolouration and staining,

scum formation and plugging of filters.

  • It will assist in preventing corrosion of metal parts in the recirculation

and filtration system

  • Lo-Chlor Scale Defence should be added at the start of the swimming

season or when a new / renovated pool is first filled

  • Periodic additions should be made throughout the entire season,

and a final treatment should be made when the pool is "winterised"

or is to be idle for a long period of time

Initial Dosage:

  • Add 5L of Lo-Chlor Scale Defence for every 50,000L pool water
  • Add directly to the pool
  • Broadcast over as great an area as possible

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Add 1L of Lo-Chlor Scale Defence for every 50,000L pool water
  • Broadcast over as great an area as possible

A few facts from the professionals..

  • If Calcium Hardness level is above 500ppm we recommend you treat this first either by dilution or using Lo-Chlor Calcium Hardness Reducer.
  • After the "Initial Dose" apply product to pool on a monthly basis to ensure constant stain and scale protection all year round.
  • To remove scale discoloration on waterline tiles raise water level above the line and maintain for at least 3 weeks.

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