Dolphin Robot cleaner - Ultimate model


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The Dolphin ULTIMATE robotic pool cleaner makes it super-easy to look after your swimming pool, keeping it clean and ready for fun, with minimum effort and hassle. Engineered for maximum cleaning performance with minimum effort, the Dolphin ULTIMATE robotic pool cleaner is our top of the range cleaner containing a number of eco-friendly and other advanced benefits. It is cloud-connected, so you’ve always got control in your hand, no matter where you are. 


Product Details

The cloud-controlled Dolphin ULTIMATE uses a fraction of the electricity consumed by similar pool cleaners while lowering chemical use with a patented multi-directional water flow control system called PowerStream.


PowerStream mobility provides enhanced navigation and efficient cleaning of pool surfaces with a superior grip, particularly on vertical surfaces. This ensures the walls and waterline are cleaned just as effectively and efficiently as the pool floor.


Special features of the Dolphin ULTIMATE include:

  • Dual-drive and PowerStream system – provides powerful performance, optimal manoeuvrability and waterline cleaning
  • Lightweight construction – easy to lift and handle
  • Pick me up mode – rises and stops at the waterline for easy removal from pool
  • Cloud-connected – enabling control from anywhere at any time, with real-time connectivity via the MyDolphin™ Plus app
  • Brush rotates at twice the speed of the motor, resulting in enhanced cleaning capabilities
  • Fast, debris free water release for easy removal from pool
  • Large capacity multi-layer filter efficiently removes fine and large debris
  • Swivel feature prevents cable twisting and tangling during operation
  • Includes caddy for easy moving around the pool and storage
  • Water Saving – Reduced debris eases filter maintenance, cleaning, and pool water refill
  • Energy Saving – Uses a fraction of the energy consumed by other pool cleaning systems
  • Chemical Use Reduction – Enhanced water circulation plus less water use equals reduced chemicals


Product Specifications

  • Pool Cleaning Coverage Dual active brush & scrubber rotates 1.5 faster than the brush
  • Pool Size Pools up to 15m with 18m tangle-free swivel cable Type Capability Suitable for all pool surfaces.
  • Programmable 1.5, 2.0 & 2.5 hours cleaning cycle times & weekly timer
  • Super-efficient Large capacity top-access multi-layer filter basket efficiently collects debris
  • Power supply Power supply transformer, digital switch mode, output 30VDC IP54 rated.
  • Pick me up mode Rises & stops at the waterline for easy removal.
  • Filtration Filter cartridge full indicator
  • Automation Delay start 1-2 hours Cleaning Dual active brush rotates at twice the speed of the motor
  • Protection Motor Overload Protection Dynamic dual-drive motor Dynamic dual-drive motor combined with PowerStream mobility system, with multi directional water outlets and precise navigation control
  • Product weight 11.5kg
  • Caddy Included
  • 3 year full warranty Full



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