Davey Heat pumps


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These Heat Pumps come with a simple touch controller and WiFi integration which allows control from an iOS or Android phone.

The pumps operate in ambient temperatures down to -10°C for warm pools even on chilly days and offer industry leading efficiency plus reverse cycle defrosting. They are designed with a twisted titanium heat exchanger, which is 40% more efficient than a regular titanium exchanger. The system is powered by a Mitsubishi DC twin-rotary compressor in a hardy and weather safe aluminium alloy casing.

Models in the range:

  • DHP90 - 9kW 230V Heat Pump
  • DHP130 - 13kW 230V Heat Pump
  • DHP170 – 17.5kW 230V Heat Pump
  • DHP210  - 21kW 230V Heat Pump
  • DHP280 – 28kW 230V Heat Pump
  • DHP3503 – 35.2kW 400V, 3 phase Heat Pump

Ideal for:

  • In-ground and above ground swimming pools
  • Spas 
  • Swim spas 
  • Plunge pools
  • Light commercial applications
Heat Pumps: 9kw

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