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Filtermaster Fibreglass Media Filters

Filtermaster Sand Filters 

Good Filtration is a crucial to maintain clean, healthy water in any spa or swimming pool. Filtermaster high rate sand filters require little ongoing maintenance. They are manufactured with high grade fibreglass and resins untilising the latest engineering technology enusuring superior strangth for long life and durability. Filtermaster Sand Filters feature improved water circulation through a balanced layout of lateral nozzles positioned internally at the base of the filter tank. This enables water to be distributed evenly throughout the entire filter bed trapping debris and contaminants before pure fresh water returns via the multiport valve to the pool. 

Filtermaster High Rate Sand Filters - the natural solution for perfectly filtered pool water!

Available with Silica Sand or Micro Glass Media and with 40mm or 50mm valve ports 

Price includes Sand media and delivery, Glass Media option available



Model F16 F18 F21 F25 F28 F32 F36
Pool Size (up to)  30,000 lts 40,000 lts 50,000 lts 75,000 lts 80,000 lts 90,000 lts 150,000 lts
Filter Area (m2) 0.13 0.16 0.2 0.3 0.38 0.4 0.65
Height (mm) 757 815 900 970 1050 1200 1300
Diameter (mm) 410 450 550 650 710 800 900
Flow Rate 100 133 192 270 360 420 500
Sand Required (KG)  35 40 80 150 180 250 300
Valve Port Size (mm) 40 40 40 40 50 50 50


*Heavy Duty UV protected fibreglass tank
*Ergonomically designed six position multiport valve
*High performance filtering action
*Resistant to chemicals & corrosion
*Suitable for all pool tpes, fresh or salt water
*Quality pressure gauge for inspection of operating pressure
*Low Maintence 
*No need for additional additives


*Ideal for most pool applications from small patio pools to large commecercial installations 



*10 years on filter tank
*1 year on multiport valve


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