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Swimroll pool covers are constructed of high-grade PVC or Polycarbonate extrusions, which interlock tongue in groove. The panels are hollow to ensure high buoyancy floatation and insulation to the pool water. Completely sealed, the panels create a floating floor on the surface of the water. The panels are fitted well in to the internal shape of the pool and in some instances, can be adapted to suit varied pool shapes. Pool owners using the cover as an additional safety barrier will have the cover floating above a specially constructed safety ledge 50 mm wide (in new pools). A stainless steel safety handrail can be installed into existing pools to provide the same benefits.

The Swimroll Automated Pool Covers rolls onto the pool fully motorised. The press of a button, flick of a switch or turn of a key triggers it.



Swimroll Automated Pool Covers can be located below or above ground. The below ground installation provides the perfect aesthetic, totally concealing the device when not in use and maintaining the design integrity of the pool. If located above ground, several alternatives are available to the pool owner. The cover can be mounted on a stylish slim-line stainless steel roller housing or as some architects have done, designed planter boxes to house the device and provide planting area for shrubs and flowers. If the Swimroll pool cover is specified prior to pool construction, requirements for its underground housing will be provided to the pool builder or architect.

Swimroll Pool Covers - Above Ground Installations (Retro-Fit)

The Swimroll above ground pool cover installation provides an aesthetically pleasing installation option for existing pool owners. The Swim Roll stainless steel roller unit is mounted on the pool edge. Once mounted, several design alternatives are available to the pool owner. The axle may be housed in a classic stainless steel frame, or as some architects have done, designed plantar boxes to house the device and provide planting area for shrubs and flowers.

Swimroll Pool Covers - Below Ground Installations (Integrated)

The below ground installation provides the perfect aesthetic, totally concealing the device when not in use and maintaining the design integrity of the pool. If the Swim Roll pool cover is specified prior to pool construction, requirements for it's underground housing will be provided to the pool builder or architect

Pool Problems & Swimroll Pool Covers Solutions

Indoor Pools

The common problems associated with indoor pools are:

1. Pool running costs are very high! They are always heated. Without a good pool-cover, elaborate ventilation systems are required to maintain comfortable climatic conditions. With a Swimroll Pool Cover installed, room heating and ventilation is almost superfluous. Without evaporation, the humidity level is dramatically reduced. Swimroll Pool Covers reduce energy expenditure by approximately 80%.

2. Building maintenance: Costs are very high due to the rapid deterioration caused by condensation (where the heated water causes moisture accumulation on all surfaces colder than the water temperature). Corrosion of metals, rotting timber and rising damp are all side effects of indoor pool condensation. Swimroll Pool Covers insulate against heat loss, eliminates evaporation and condensation completely. There are no associated problems once the Swimroll Pool Cover is in place.

Outdoor Pools

The common problems associated with outdoor pools are:

1. Pool Safety - fences can be climbed, gates left open. Swimroll Pool Covers provide an impenetrable surface when operated according to the manufacturer's instructions. When fully closed, the pool cover can sustain the weight of approximately 80 kilos. Swimroll Pool Covers remain buoyant and, with the safety handrail or integrated safety ledge in place, nothing can slip between the side of the pool and the internal wall of the pool*.

* In New Zealand at this time Swimroll Automated Pool Cover Systems do not replace the need for a security fence around your pool. Parental supervision is always recommended for children in the vicinity of any body of water. Swimroll is not to be relied upon as a safety cover.

2. Pool Maintenance
Leaves, dirt and debris - Cost time and money to remove and constantly clean. Swimroll Pool Covers provide a solid surface to the pool that prevent leaves, twigs and falling branches from entering the pool water. The tight fitting Swimroll Pool Cover traps all dirt and debris that lands on the cover when closed which is then fed into the skimmer boxes when the pool cover retracts – Swimroll Pool Covers clean themselves!

Heat, Water & Chemical loss
Swimming Pools require constant heating. Most private pools stand idle for at least 23 hours per day. This is where the unprotected pool evaporates your budget unnecessarily. Swimroll Pool Covers fit your pool perfectly. Swimroll Pool Covers insulate against heat loss saving up to 80% of heating energy, and many m3 of water. Swimroll Pool Covers prevent chemical evaporation from the water, maintaining more consistent chemical readings and ensuring lowest possible chemical consumption and cost. Swim Roll's range of designer colours includes "Swimroll Solar Black Profile". The Swimroll Solar Black profile captures the heat of the sun within their internal structure replacing the need for solar heating and almost totally eliminating heat loss! The installation of a Swimroll Automated Pool Cover System translates into huge heating bill reductions, and more environmentally friendly operation of your pool.

Swimroll Installation
Each Swimroll Pool Cover is individually made and fitted according to the final laser-light pool measurement. As such, Swimroll is customised to the particular pool and adjustments are made at installation to ensure a smooth and easy fit.

Swimroll Colours
Swimroll Pool Covers are available in seven colours; Aquatic Blue, Rock Grey, Pebble-stone, Limestone Yellow, White, Solar Black Polycarbonate and Clear Polycarbonate.

Please note the colours displayed below are for illustration purposes only, please request a physical sample before ordering.



















This fully automatic vinyl pool cover is firmly fixed into two tracks. At the push of a control switch, the rectangular shaped pool cover rolls on and off automatically. Coverstar pool covers will seal out dirt, dust and leaves, which in turn will reduce the use of and chemicals by 70%. Heat is also trapped in you pool and your swimming season will be considerably extended and heating costs significantly reduced.

Coverstar Pool Cover Benefits

A Safer Pool
There's no need to put the things you value most at risk. The Coverstar safety cover system is designed to give you the kind of peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your pool without worries. No need to worry about unsafe access to a Coverstar safety cover because the power key switch is located in a lockable box.

Full Automation
When you want to swim in your pool, you don't want spend the time and effort to unfasten and drag a heavy cover off the pool. Because it takes so little time to open or cover the pool, you'll use it often. Isn't that why you're buying a pool in the first place?

Heat, Water & Energy Savings
A Coverstar pool cover system can save you up to 70% on pool heating costs. Because Coverstar Pool Covers are easy to use, they stay on the pool whenever you're not using it. Coverstar pool covers act like a lid on a pot and prevents up to 90% of the water evaporation. When pool water evaporates, it takes heat and pool chemicals with it. Pool chemicals are lost when your pool water evaporates. By stopping the evaporative process, your pools chemicals stay in the pool where they belong, saving you up to 70% on pool chemicals. Pool filtering cycle times can be reduced dramatically, often by over 50% if a pool cover is used frequently. Instead of filtering a pool 8-10 hours a day for an uncovered pool, just a few hours is all that is typically needed.

Seals Out Dirt, Leaves and Debris
Unfortunately, an open pool is a magnet for whatever is in the air - leaves, dirt, bugs, you name it. If it's in the air, it can end up in your pool. Unless of course you have a Coverstar automatic pool cover




In seconds you've rolled out the perfect pool protection!

Introduction to PoolGuard
The latest innovation in swimming pool safety and the perfect cover for new or existing pools is PoolGuard. PoolGuard is a durable multifunctional pool cover that provides pool owners with complete protection and peace of mind. PoolGuard pool covers are constructed from durable cross woven polyester, which is UV treated and PVC coated. PoolGuard pool covers are stabilised by anodised aluminium tubes that span the width of the cover.

Multifunctional Qualities

Complete safety
When correctly applied PoolGuard will make your pool completely impenetrable, buying you total peace of mind. When fully tensioned, PoolGuard pool covers protect children and pets from falling into your pool. PoolGuard pool covers are strong enough to support the weight of an adult and is completely lockable!


Complete waste protection
When fully tensioned, PoolGuard pool covers provide 100% protection from leaves and other debris that would ordinarily end up in your pool. This will result in less time spent vacuuming and more time to enjoy your pool. Unlike other pool cover systems, PoolGuard pool covers sit on the pool coping. This allows for quick and easy removal of leaves and debris from the cover surface before retraction. This is not possible with ordinary pool covers, and as a result most debris falls back into your pool when rolling the cover up. Removal of leaves from a PoolGuard pool cover can be easily achieved with a broom or blower.

Heat / Water / Chemical Retention
PoolGuard pool covers are brilliant insulators and will help to retain the heat pumped into your pool, saving energy and money. PoolGuard pool covers also reduce the rate of chemical evaporation from your pool, maintaining more consistent chemical readings and ensuring lower water and chemical consumption costs.

Despite its structural qualities, PoolGuard pool covers are incredibly easy to operate. Rolling the cover on and off the pool can be done in minutes by one person. Using the easy rolling mechanism, PoolGuard rolls up on its self, ensuring a compact lightweight roll at the end of your pool. The roll can be left stationary or unclipped and relocated whilst you enjoy your pool.



The PoolGuard's pool covers unique design allows for quick effective installation. PoolGuard is attached to your pool at only six points using self-sinking stainless steel connections. This method both prevents injury to children at play around the pool, and does not detract from the beauty of your pool when the pool cover is removed completely.


PoolGuard pool covers are available in four colours, grey, cream, blue and green



Please note the colours displayed above are for illustration purposes only, please request a physical sample before ordering. 




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