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Spa ozone generator

Spa ozone generrator - Corona Discharge unit

Love your spa, but cant stand the chemicals?
Leave your skin feeling clean, soft and rejuvenated without the chemical sting. 


The durable and effective Natural Ozone Generator for Spa Pools, keeps your spa pristine by infusing the water with super charged oxygen.

You know that feeling of activated energy you feel when you stand under a waterfall? Or the special fresh, clean, spring rain smell after a thunderstorm? That is the result of nature produced ozone. Now you can experience that every time you take a well-earned soak in your hot tub

Quality cold CD (Corona Discharge) units – not UV (Ultra Violet)
The unit measures 127 x 76 x 48 mm
High output of up to 300 mg/ hour. Strong and effective
Includes installation instructions, check valve (that stops water back flow) with filter, plug and connector piece for fitting to spa jet line, tubing for fitting to a standard spa and screws for mounting.
Mountable aluminium enclosure
220 V/ 50Hz, 7 W
Two year guarantee.