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Sauna Design and Build

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We offer a full Design and Build service to meet individual requirements for built in Saunas.

We provide Builder's kits for installation by tradespeople or serious DIY

Installation Ideas 

Where should your Sauna go?

Perhaps outside by your swimming pool, spa or on the deck, inside as an extension to your bathroom, in spare bedroom or combined with a gym. 

Inside or out?

We will turn your ideas and desires into reality. All we need are your building or floor plans. Send a copy to us and we can provide a quote without obligation. Be it large commercial projects like the Carlton, Grand Heritage, Centra or Metropolis in Auckland; facilities for your clients, or private Saunas for your home or bach, we can handle them all. We can either design and build a custom Sauna or utilize one of the 5 high quality portable kit-sets.  



Yes! These Sauna / Steam Baths are constructed in such a way that if you should sell your house you can take the Sauna / Steam Bath with you to your next home. Simply give us a call when the time comes. 

We will need approximately 2 hours for dismantling and approximately 2 hours for re-erecting your Sauna / Steam Bath

If the Sauna / Steam Bath were instrumental in the sale of your house / property give us a call and we will arrange the delivery and installation of a new Sauna / Steam Bath for you.