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Zodiac Water Features

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Zodiac Sheer Descent Water Feature

The Sheer Descent is a low maintenance water feature that can be easily installed on any type of

swimming pool or landscaped garden.




This water feature is compact and discreet, available in standard sizes, or can be custom designed in a

variety of shapes to suit your specifications.

Sheer Descents are available in a clear option providing your pool with a luxurious finish whilst

also allowing your water feature to blend into any landscape, surface or colour scheme.


Zodiac Laminar Jets Water Features

Zodiac's New Laminar Jet Water Features with LED lighting provide clear or coloured arcs of water

as they silently enter your swimming pool or spa adding that extra touch of excitment to your backyard.


Water Features are the perfect way to provide stunning visual effects combined

with the refreshing sound and dynamic flow of water to your pool or spa.

Zodiac Laminar Jets can be installed in both existing or new pool and spa applications and come

standard with a built in 12-volt LED light module offering an extensive range of different colour

combinations to create the perfect backyard oasis.  



Zodiac Powerstream Water Feature

The Powerstream waterfall can be installed at any height you like up to 1.2 metres,

with patterns available in single, double or triple rows.

Water can be highlighted using spotlights around or behind the waterfall.



Zodiac Rainfall Water Feature

The Rainfall water feature is available in custom sizes and configurations,

giving you the option of overhead beams, swim outs and arches in your pool.




The patented X-Baffle structure guarantees an even water flow and minimal splash,

with streams of water descending from up to 4.6 metres high.

The Rainfall is also available with the option of multiple nozzle rows and increased water flow.





Zodiac Custom Water Features

Zodiac’s custom waterfalls can be built to any size or design, with features adapted

from the Sheer Descent Water Feature , Powerstream Water Feature and Rainfall Water Feature.


Zodiac water features come in many standard lengths ranging from 300mm to 2440mm.

Requests for water features outside these lengths can also be made. Zodiac can custom design

a water feature to almost any length and/or radius to meet your requirements.

Available in white, black and grey.  Custom water features can be installed at varying heights.

To ensure  you achieve the desired effect Zodiac recommends the maximum height of installation

for a customised  sheer   descent is no higher than 1.2m from the water level.

Plus, each job is installed with professional support from Zodiac. 



Zodiac's Minijets Water Feature

Zodiac’s Minijets are extremely versatile, suitable for most swimming pool environments

and needing only a low water flow.


The all new flow control Minijets allow you to create the optimum flow to suit your pool.  

The flow adjustment is achieved right at the nozzle via a special tool included with the unit.

Minijet Features

  • Brass nozzles adjust to project stream of water at 45 degree angle.
  • Water can be projected up to 4.6 metres.
  • Available for in ground and vinyl liner pools with colours to match popular swimming pool finishes.



Zodiac Deck Jets Water Feature

Zodiac Deck Jets create shimmering arcs of water from your deck into your pool or spa.


The jets can be installed in almost any combination, and since they can be adjusted 360˚, the dazzling

effects they create can be changed again and again to meet your mood.


Deck Jet Features


  • Polished bronze cover plates.
  • Packaged in a set of four jets and includes pressure testing plug and cover plates.



Zodiac Spillways Water Features

Spillways can flow water directly into your pool or act as a fountain spill over.


Spillways are easy to incorporate into your swimming pool design, and are one of the most cost effective

and simple water features available.

They can be used either to flow water directly into your pool or as a spill over, pouring water from one body

of water to another, like a fountain to a pool.


As New Zealand representative for Zodiac products:

Let us Quote from your Plans or work with your designer to achieve the Features best suited to your Pool and Water concepts