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Solar Bubble Pool Cover - 600 micron

Super Bubble Pool Cover - 550 micron


Solar Bubble Pool Cover 

Solar Bubble Covers heat the pool:

  • Saves up to 60% energy costs, limits heat loss, makes swimming more comfortable
  • Ultra absorbent Blanket gives maximum absorption, enabling more solar energy to enter pool, better heating!
  • Warms pool water: By 3 - 5 degrees or more in summer season
  • It reduces evaporation: Cuts water use, saves on chemical costs
  • Extends swimming season: Swim earlier in spring, later in autumn

Recommended Application:

  • All domestic pools
  • Also available for commercial pools


  • Reduces evaporation
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Extends swimming season
  • Heats the pool by 3 to 4 degrees from direct sunlight
  • Super Bubble allows more solar energy to enter the pool which results in better heating
  • Pricing:  600 micron = $29 / Sq.M 

This product is sold and priced by the square metre (m2). Choose the pool type and size closest to your own. Prices do not include installation or delivery. Installation in Auckland can be quoted separately.

Choose the closest size to your pool
Choose the closest size to your pool
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