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Sauna and Steam Room Kits

Sauna Kit
  Dimensions Number of People  
Mini Sauna 1300x1300mm 2  
Midi Sauna 1400x1500mm 3  
Family Sauna 1400x1900mm 4  
Maxi Sauna 1500x2100mm 5  
Jumbo Sauna 2000x2000mm 6-7  

Complete Sauna kits include:

4 wall panels both sides white spruce (waterproof for steam room)
1 roof panel, ceiling in spruce, top plywood (Waterproof roof and polyurethane exterior extra cost of $750)
2, 3 or 4 Benches depending on size 1 door wooden panel & window (Full-size glass door $300 Extra)
1 electric sauna heater or steam generator w/thermostat, timer and presetting
1 low voltage light fitting

For saunas only:

1 wooden sauna bucket and ladle
1 thermometer
1 draft free ventilation system (built in to wall panels)
1 box (20 kg) peridontite sauna stones


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