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Pool Renovations

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Bluewater Pool Builders are an experienced team who undertake pool renovations to restore your pool to new condition. Whether your pool needs repainting, resurfacing, tiling, or an equipment upgrade, we can make your pool look new again!  We provide a quality finish, which we will guarantee.   Book your refurbishment early so that it is complete in time for summer swimming.

Concrete Pools have a surface that is added to the concrete shell to protect the shell and to enable the use of colour and surfaces that appeal to swimmers. Over time the surface will deteriorate due to chemicals in the water. Our team can restore your pool to new condition again!

Marble Plaster is the most common surface used in domestic concrete pools, it is a mix of white marble chip and plaster and is applied by trowel. This surface hardens underwater. Marble Plaster normally lasts for 20 - 25 years in good condition subject to regular water chemical balancing. Calcium Hardness and pH control are important for care of this surface. Marble Plaster is normally applied as a white surface which appears blue when filled with water.

Quartzon coloured Quartz chip plaster surfaces have gained in popularity in the last 15 years and proved that the colour provided by the Quartz chip is colour fast and most effective in providing a most pleasing effect. Quartzon is a coloured Quartz chip product which is applied by trowel and hardens under water. Quartzon has an expected life of at least 25 years with correct water balance. Colours and examples of pools plastered with Quartzon can be viewed below

The colours and superior performance qualities of Quartzon make it ideal for renovating a tired old concrete pool.

Not only will you get stunning colour, but a safer, more comfortable surface. A Quartzon pool will also add value to your property.v  Quartzon can be applied over most existing standard pebble, marble plaster or suitably prepared painted surfaces. As long as the shell of the pool is made from concrete, your pool can be renovated with Quartzon. Existing tile bands are also not a problem – as Quartzon can be applied up to the original tile band.

Pebblecrete (Pebbletech) is a coloured plastered surface using a combination of pebbles and plaster, similar to the other plaster surfaces Pebblecrete is trowelled on and hardens under water., once applied it is polished prior to filling with water to ensure a lovely smooth finish.

Hydrazzo is a plastered quartz finish with a range of colours available. Troweled on and polished to provide a long lasting plaster finish.

Painted surfaces have been used in some pools; this is normally epoxy based paint suitable for the pool environment which has been applied over a grey concrete plaster finish. We repaint pools using Epotec, an epoxy paint specifically designed for pool use. A painted surface will normally require repainting within 7 – 10 years. School pools are often painted as they provide a smooth non abrasive surface suitable for children.

Fibreglass Pools require a resurface after 20 – 25 years. Originally a fibreglass pool is created by laying a surface of chop strand fibreglass (many layers) and then finishing with a 2 – 3 layers of Gelcoat. Bluewater Pools resurface Fibreglass pools after preparation such as acid washing and fixing cracks and blemishes by applying several layers of Fibreglass and several layers of Gelcoat over the top of the existing surface to create a new surface and providing another 20 – 25 years life.

Vinyl Pools such as Para pools, Cascade pools, Pleasure pools use a vinyl liner over a structure of metal or fibrolite walls. Bluewater Pools replace vinyl liners, metal walls and fittings to restore these pool types to new condition.

Bluewater Pool Builders provide Free Quotes for all of these pool finishes, request a quote today.

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