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Pool Covers & Spa Covers

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Pool Covers & Spa Covers

Blue Water Pools offers a full range of pool and spa covers and roller systems.

Order a pool cover

For Spa Pool covers see below

Pool Covers that maintain the heat such as the Super Bubble Cover and draw the heat of the sun into the water and increases the temperature of the pool 3 - 5 degrees C.

These covers are excellent for heated pools, reducing the cost of heating by drawing the sun’s heat in and at the same time retaining heat generated.

We have a range of Debris covers for use particularly in winter.

A full range of Roller systems with wheels if required; Covers can be edge bound, have pull cords and fit to any size and shape of pool.

Spa covers such as Spa Blankets, Supernova Hard Lids, and Spa foam covers.

Automatic Pool covers are featured on the next page, click here


Super Bubble Pool Cover 

Solar Bubble Covers heat the pool:

  • Saves up to 60% energy costs, limits heat loss, makes swimming more comfortable
  • Ultra absorbent Blanket gives maximum absorption, enabling more solar energy to enter pool, better heating!
  • Warms pool water: By 3 - 5 degrees or more in summer season
  • It reduces evaporation: Cuts water use, saves on chemical costs
  • Extends swimming season: Swim earlier in spring, later in autumn

Recommended Application:

  • All domestic pools
  • Also available for commercial pools


  • Reduces evaporation
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Extends swimming season
  • Heats the pool by 3 to 4 degrees from direct sunlight
  • Strong Large Bubble allows more solar energy to enter the pool which results in better heating
  • Pricing: 400 micron = $26.00 / Sq.M, 600 micron = $32.00 / Sq.M 
  • Bubble covers can be edge bound if required at a cost of $14 / lineal metre

Available to order online.


Series 2001 Thermal Pool Cover 

  • Stops overnight heat loss by 3 to 4 degrees, substantially extending your swimming seasons
  • If your pool is heated at 30 degrees overnight with cover the loss should only be 3 degrees during 12 hours
  • Without a cover, the loss can be 13 degrees during 12 hours

Recommended Application:

  • Heated pools, domestic and commercial


  • Heat retention - excellent saving on energy costs
  • Reduces heat loss, costs and evaporation
  • Indoor pools - stop condensation
  • Pricing = $66 / Sq.M


  • Centre core of closed cell foam sandwich between 2 layers of Polyethylene woven fabric
  • Edge bound with U.V. resistant sail cloth

Series 2001 thermal pool cover is comprised of a top layer made from three scientifically designed materials, a 1mu wipe clean glossy blue or green polyethylene, then industrial strength woven black polyethylene, followed by a 1mu black polyethylene film. The centre layer is constructed of Volara® foam. The final bottom layer is 6mu solid industrial polyethylene to protect cover from the pool chemical. Material is available in 2.7m and 1.6m widths. All edges are bound with high quality UV sail cloth binding. 

Silver Grey now available                     

Available to order online.


Debris Mesh Pool Cover


  • Reduces maintenance
  • Ideal to protect your pool from all debris
  • Lightweight, Custom made to any shape
  • Tiny holes in the mesh allow surface water to drain
  • Helps to reduce chemical use and helps prevent children falling into pool
  • Best used through the winter months to stop twigs and leaves from fouling the pool water
  • Available in Navy blue and Forest green
  • Pricing = $69.50 / Sq.M

Available to order online.


Platinum Eazy-Roller with wheels



  • Made in strong, light weight, long lasting Marine Grade Anodized Aluminium frame
  • Super Strong alloy end plugs • Ideal for domestic use
  • Ideal for all types of Bubble and Thermal Covers
  • Comes with wheels and easy drop pin brake system
  • Available with 5m, 6m or 7m (x 100mm) Anodized Tube & Platinum roller ends

Note: All roller systems come complete with strings, clips, screws and caps

Price with 5m tube $1,485 incl GST, with 6m tube $1,585 incl GST and 7m tube is $1,785 incl GST


Stainless T Bar Pool Roller (with stainless roller bearings)


  • Very Easy to use the large handles give great control
  • Suitable for the smaller pool installation
  • New Roller bearing system
  • Available with 5m to 7m (x 100mm) Anodized Tube & Stainless steel ends

Note: All roller systems come complete with strings, clips, screws and caps

Price with 5m tube $1,485 incl GST, with 6m tube $1,585 incl GST and 7m tube is $1,785 incl GST




Supernova Hard Spa Lid 


  • Keeps children out
  • Lock down spa lids
  • Great heat retention
  • Custom sizes
  • Keeps leaves out
  • Features the E-Bar™ centre channel for extra strength
  • This spa lid will be considered by many Local Body Councils as an alternative means of compliance with Pool & Spa Fencing Regulations
  • Pricing according to size 1.75m = $785 incl GST, 1.9m to 2.2m up to $985 incl GST obtain a quote

Vinyl Hard Top colours



Spa Cover Lifter

An easy to use spa cover lifter that enables the cover to fold away behind the spa

Cost is $525 incl GST

Spa Pool steps

Cedar steps to suit portable spa pools               

Cost is $485 incl GST

Special Foam Spa Covers 



  • Shiny top skin
  • Cut to any shape within 2m x 2m square
  • Floats on the water
  • Good heat retention
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Comes in two halves
  • Pricing = $490 incl GST up to 2.2m,
  • $675 incl GST for 2.4m - 2.8m

Colour Range:

23mm Forest Green, Blue, Grey, Beige (also available in 10mm foam)