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Liner Pools

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Liner pools have proved to be a popular and economic option for a swimming pool in the backyard for the family.

They come in all sizes and shapes, they can stand alone, be in-ground, above ground, in deck, paved around. The Liner pool is a versatile pool for family fun and serious swimming.

Para, Paramount, Cascade, and Pleasure pools are among the more popular brands.

Liner pools are normally constructed with a galvanized metal wall structure, a sand floor and a liner inserted. Alternatively concrete, fibrolite and timber walls can be used for the structure and the floor is sometimes concreted.

New Liner Pools

Bluewater Pool Builders are Liner pool installers, we can quote a complete package of supply and install, decking and fencing.

DIY - install your own Pool - we can supply the full Pool kit including instructions and all equipment

Para / Paramount pools are available as Round or Rectangle pools; they can be installed in-ground or above ground. The top coping can be smooth edge or seated edge. With a decking surround, the pools can be finished to match the decking with a wooden fascia.

Oval Pools
Size Length Width Volume
1612 4.8m 3.7m 162000L
2012 6.1m 3.7m 22050L
2412 7.3m 3.7m 27000L
2315 7.0m 4.5m 33150L
3015 9.1m 4.5m 42750L
3815 11.5m 4.5m 54000L
Round Pools
Shape Diameter Volume Volume
1548 Round 4.5m 18000L
1748 Round 5.4m 24300L
2048 Round 6.1m 28800L

Pool Liner Replacements

Bluewater Pool Builders have a full refurbishment facility to replace liners, metal walls, sand floors and filtration equipment. We supply Pool covers and Heating as well as pool accessories

DIY - For clients who want to fit their own liners and walls we can supply these and give help with instructions


New Liners cost incl GST

1548 - 15' round = $805

1748 - 17' round = $925

2048 - 20' round = $1,225

16' x 12' = $785

20' x 12' = $915

24' x 12' = $985

23' x 15' = $1,235

27' x 15' = $1,350

30' x 15' = $1,350

38' x 15' = $1,720

Available in light and dark blue

All walls and parts for Para and Paramount pools available

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As an alternative Bluewater Pool Builders have converted some Liner pools to a fibreglass or concrete pool, using the existing wall structure as formwork and either fibrolite or concreting the walls, concreting the floor and installing new skimmer and jets to produce a long lasting pool with either a plastered or fibrolite / gelcoat finish.

Contact us for a quote.