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Fibreglass Pools

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Bluewater Pools Fibreglass Pools Built In-Situ

Bluewater Pool Builders construct Fibreglass Pools in-situ by two methods. We can use either a timber walled frame with concrete floor or a concrete block walled structure with a concrete floor.

Once the structure has been constructed we spray on a number of layers of chop strand fibreglass followed by a number of layers of coloured Gelcoat to finish.

Our Fibreglass pools built in-situ are constructed in accordance with Engineering Specifications and approved by Councils.

One of the advantages of a fibreglass pool is the smooth hard wearing surface. Children love a smooth fibreglass pool.   

All of our pools are guaranteed for a period of 5 years against any construction defects.

Bluewater Pool Builders are Master Pool Builders


Fibreglass Pool renovation

We have a complete service to renew old fibreglass pools, after we have prepared the pool, we spray on a new fibreglass layer and finish with a coloured Gelcoat surface and a new tile band.